'FOMO' is the first oversea establishment from the hugely popular pancake brand 'Yorkys Brunch', originated from Kobe and Osaka.Using only the freshest ingredients, FOMO creates the original taste and touch of Japanese souffle pancake in the city, hand-mixed in small batches.

Pancake game in Japan is strong and currently the most trend-ing one would be this the soft airy type of souffle pancake, and now this dessert trend has arrived China! Collaborated with chef Javier Carrizosa, New York based Chinese artist Sarah Tse and The Concept Cornershop’s founder Paul Ng, these ‘diehard pancake fans’ built a new brand ‘FOMO’, especially for the Chinese market.



Our philosophy is to use only the highest quality Italian ricotta cheese, egg, flour and the freshest ingredients for our exquisitely fluffy pancakesand crepes, mouth-wateringly covered with honey, are difficult to pass up on. Our pancakes also come with the best imaginative topping combinations, such as ruby-red diced strawberries and wild berries with fresh vanilla cream; Koyamaen Matcha souffle pancakes with red beans paste.


Sugar had been carefully torched until it formed a glistening, golden crust on top. Encircling the stack was a ring of housemade berry compote. Just like a real creme brulee, the burnt sugar coating cracked when tapped with the back of a spoon and added a smoky toffee aroma to the creamy richness of the filling. The berry compote added a welcome palatecleansing tartness.


The crepe batter is actually a type of pancake batter. When it comes to pancakes, FOMO have created a chewy crepe with a texture the likes of which you have never eaten. Unlike the traditional crepes served in the French-style cafe, our Japanese crepes are folded into a cone and served wrapped in an exquiste art paper designed by artist Sarah Tse, making it an easy-to-eat, mess-free and photogenic snack.

Crepes were created in France as a simple sweet, flavored with sugar and butter. FOMO sought to popularize those crepes in Shanghai, improving the original recipe to include lemon tart, Tiramisu and carefully selected fruits. With one bite, the crispy and light texture of the pancake, refreshing sourness of fruits, and rich fresh whipped cream will fill your mouth.


FOMO’s first shop in Xintiandi Plaza will catch your eye with its Japanese and Scandinavian combining styles with an extensive use of light wood, marble countertop and a turquoise blue and cream tones.The dreamlike, delicate pencil drawings on the wall are created by mixed media artist Sarah Tse, who recently relocated to Shanghai from New York City.

Sarah’s elaborate pencil drawings have often been described as whimsical and sensual in nature.Images of Japanese architecture, towering stacks of pancakes, innocent woodland creatures, and vintage machine components have created a surrealistic and multi- layered ambience for the pancake shop.



B2-17 FOMO,Xintiandi Square,Jingan district,Shanghai